First New Website Blog Post

This is my post on my new blog. My old blog had become too complex for my busy lifestyle and no one was reading it anyway. I got used to using WordPress for my other, far more interesting blog Far Eastern Transfigurations and found it was easy to work with, so I’ve spent the last week and a half transferring everything here. Hopefully I’ll be posting photos, videos, and other nonsense here most often than before. I think my last post on the other server was in 2009. All my photos and videos are still here. I didn’t transfer everything into WordPress. There were too many pages with too many pictures, so I left some on static pages. So some of the pages may not link properly or may have pictures that don’t show. I did repost a few posts from my previous blog.

I’ve also started a Twitter feed. We’ll see how well I keep up with it. My Twitter name is 6wingedpilgrim. Named for the six-winged Seraphim.

I redid everything here so my friends and family can follow what I’m doing this summer while I’m traveling around Europe, and about 6 months after that when I go back to Taiwan.

That’s all for now, look for my next post with photos I’ve taken since my last blog nearly two years ago. Look at my pictures and watch the videos if you’ve never seen my blog before. Enjoy.

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