HCHC Senior Trip 2011 – Athens and Agina Island, Greece Photos

After you’ve been traveling for a while, especially when you’re moving rapidly from one place to another, everything starts to blend together after awhile.

There was one important moment during our visit to Agina Island, when we visited the monastery where St. Nektarios lived and where his relics are. We visit the room that he lived in during his time there. Our groups sang the hymn ‘Agia Parthene’ in front of the icon that St. Nektarios sat in front of when he wrote the hymn. I was so glad to have captured that moment on video, but the cheap memory card I was using failed and I lost it.

When we got back to Athens I got very sick. The next day I had a miserable trip up to the Acropolis in the heat. I decided to stay in the day we got to Crete. I started feeling a little better later, but didn’t fully recover until a few days ago.

When our time was up, we boarded another ship and left for the island of Crete.

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