HCHC Senior Trip 2011 – Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki was a good chance for us to settle down a bit. On the other hand, we’re still touring around twice a week. Plus, we’re taking Greek classes. These classes are just shy of awful. I taught language for 10 years and I’ve studied a language, so I know better than anyone just what we’re not getting. Plus, the air conditioner remote keeps getting locked up and the room is hot and stuffy.  Plus, there’s a lot of homework. I’m just short of giving up all together. I could barely pay attention today at all.

Now we’re going on twice weekly tours with a lady who is supposed to be famous and keeps referring to films she’s made and books she’s written. She gives highly, highly detailed tours that go on for hours. She also talks about aliens meeting ancient Greeks and how ancient civilization was destroyed by a nuclear blast.

The rest of my time was sent fixing my laptop, developing my pictures, and trying to study for my thesis.


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