Photo Album

Photographs of my life, from babyhood until now. There are hundreds of pictures here so it may take a long time to see them all. I’ve tried to keep the pictures small but some pages will take a while to load. The pictures get better as you go because I get progressively better cameras. I hope you enjoy taking this tour of my life, especially the last years that I spent in China and Taiwan.


Old Photos Pictures of me from when I was a baby until high school.
China and Taiwan 2000-2008Pictures from my life and travels in China and Taiwan. I lived in China from 2000-2002 and in Taiwn from 2002-2008.
European Travels – All the trips I’ve taken to various countries in Europe. 



Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology – I was a seminarian here from 2009-2011. 



Held for my happy return to Taiwan in 2012!!!


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