Favorite European Photos

Sunset at Skete Agia Anna, Mt. Athos, Greece.
Outside the katholicon, Moni Gregoriou, Mt. Athos, Greece.
The peak of Mt. Athos over the dome of the katholicon at MoniĀ Iveron, Mt. Athos, Greece.
Holy water font at MoniĀ Iveron, Mt. Athos, Greece.
Inside a katholicon at Great Lavra, Mt. Athos, Greece.
A monk at his craft, Port of Daphni, Mt. Athos, Greece.
Greek Parliament and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
Cathedral of St. Andrew, Patra, Greece.
Sunset, Patra, Greece.
The Cross of Ferro, Leon Province, Spain.
Leon Cathedral, Leon, Spain.
Santiago Cathedral, Santiago de Compestela, Spain.

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