Holy Mountain and Greece 2006


I spent the first month of my vacation in Greece. I flew into Thessaloniki and got my papers ready to go to Mt. Athos. After 10 days on the Holy Mountain I returned to Thessaloniki for a day and then went on to Athens. I love history so I enjoyed visiting the ruins there despite all the summer tourists. Later I went west to Patras, then to a little island called Kefalonia.

The Holy Mountain Page 1 – Days 1-5  

Page 2 – Days 5-10

Page 3 – Last day and some extra photos.


Thessaloniki and Oranapolis – I first arrived in Thessaloniki and stayed there a few days while getting my papers ready to go to Mt. Athos. Oranapolis is the port village and resort town from which the ferry to Mt. Athos departs. 

Athens and Patras – After leaving Mt. Athos I went to Athens and then to Patras, the hometown of St. Andrew the Apostle.

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