Spain-El Camino de Santiago 2006


El Peregrino, 2

Pilgrimage 2006

I had trouble just getting started. My flight was delayed several times and I was worried that I would arrive after the albergue had closed. Luckily I got there with just an hour to spare, though I had to take an expensive taxi because the buses had stopped running. When I arrived I realized to my horror, I LOST MY HAT!!! AGAIN!! I must have left it in the hostel in Athens. It was the same hat I had lost on my first pilgrimage. I really liked that hat, I’ll have to get a third one sometime.
On this pilgrimage, because of the time, I didn’t start in Roncesvalles as I had before but two days closer in Pamplona. I was much less in shape, or maybe just tired from the past month of traveling. This time the Camino felt more difficult than two years ago. Part of the reason was that I had more trouble with my feet. Last time, my heavy shoes caused sever blisters. This time I was wearing much lighter shoes but the lack of ankle support caused problems. Despite the troubles it was in some ways better than before. I always got up much earlier, walked with fewer breaks, and arrived where I was going earlier than last time. This gave me more time to relax around the towns I stayed in. I did, however, miss the lazy days of walking with long breaks and naps in the afternoon.
Because I walked through exactly the same places as last time I didn’t take as many photos. I only posted the ones that were not on the page of my first pilgrimage or that I especially liked.

Days One to Six – July 28 to August 2. From Pamplona to Santo Domingo de Calzada.
Days Seven to Ninteen – August 3 to 15. From Bellarado to Ponferrada.
Days Twenty to Twenty-six – August 16 to 23. From Villafranca del Bierzo to Santa Irene
Santiago de Compestela – I did it, I Made It, I’M HERE, AGAIN!!!!

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