Old Photos


Pictures of me from when I was a kid.


This is me as a baby. I rather think I look like a potato. Luckily my head rounded out later.

I'm about 3 here. I had just come back from Vacation Bible School. If you were wondering that is a paper plate with a cup glued on that I'm wearing.


Kindergarten graduation, 6 years old.


This is me wearing my dad's clip on tie in the first grade at a school preformance. The read-headed girl on my right was my first girlfriend.


Riding on Toby, my sister horse, across the farm.



The only picture I have of me with spikey hair. You can't see it but I also had a skateboard cut in the back.


White pants and Bugle Boy shirts, remember those? This was just after I got ride of the spiky hair.


Road Trip

A few months before going to China I had a weeks vacation from work and wanted to see a bit more of America before I left. I didn’t have any plans, so at the last minute I packed the car, which I slept in as well, and drove to New Orleans. It wasn’t that great so I left the next day. On the way back I heard the Dali Lama was travelling in America. I got online and figured out where he was. I borrowed a tent and drove to Indiana. I only stayed a couple of days, the entrance cost to the ritual was pretty high.

Kalachakra, a Prayer for World Peace


The Kalast in front of the Tibetan Cultural Center in Bloomington, Indiana. Painted on the roof was a representation of the sand mandala painted by the monks during the ceremony.



These pictures were all taken from the Tibetan Cultural Centers website. Cameras were not allowed inside the tent accept by authorized members of the press.

His Holiness,the 17th Dali Lama, reads from sacred Buddhist texts as the monks surrounding him chant. There was an audience of 5,000 including Tibetans,worshipers, visitors, press and the secret service.
Earth Dance. 

This is preformed by 12 of the monks dressed as offering goddesses. Behind them you can see the mural of the golden Buddah on the right and the celestial copulation that is supposed to line up the forces of peace in the universe on the left.

Camping out in Needmore

The funny thing about Needmore, IN is that I needed more information about how to find it. After a few side trips, (I can say I was lost because I had no plan to get there) I arrived in Needmore at 1am. I learned later that some locals had taken down all the signs to the campsite. I ended up sleeping in my car behind a church in Bloomington. I got with some one at the ceremony and finally found the place. Below are some pictures of the campsite.

A view of the campsite. My tent was on the other side of the campground. I had borrowed a friends tent and it was only $5.00 for the night. Not a bad deal really.
This is the shower, if you want to call it that. I was really just a wood box with a water hose stuck through the top. It was the middle of the summer, but cool in Indiana so the water was freezing.
The bonfire roars away underneath the Indiana sky.
One of the great things about having any plans for where you are going is all the unexpected things you see. To the left you see rows after rows of Indiana cornfields. I also got to see some very quaint little farmhouses lit by the moonlight.
After a day of watching people seeking enlightenmentand sleeping on the ground with Buddhist, I drape my souvenir mala beeds across my compass, pull out my map, and head north to the Indianapolis Museum of 

Art. Time for a little Western culture. Unfortunately none of my pictures turned out since flashes were not allowed.

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