Day 1 - 4
 June 26 - 29


Side view of the Cathedral in Roncesvalles.  This was one of the few buildings in the village, and it took up about 1/3 of the village.
Door way of the monastery in Roncesvalles.

Sunset over a very small church or shrine in Roncesvalles.
I think this was in Larrasoana.  Hemmingway spent time in this town.  These white farm houses were spoken of in one of his novels.

Even the smallest towns in Navarra Province had giant churches.
Some people didn't have as good a trip as I did.  There were many memorials along the trail for people who had did along the way.  Pilgrims who came later would pile up rocks on top of them.

This area of Navarra was in Basque country.  The ETA is a terrorist organization that wants the Basque to be separate from the rest of Spain.  Their graffiti was in many places.
The French Gate of Pampalona.  This medieval gate was the entry place for pilgrims coming from France into the city.

Children play in a fountain in a Plaza.  Almost all towns and villages had some sort of town plaza, sometimes many.  They were often ringed by shops and cafes.  Places like this made Spain look very livable.

Sometimes the trail stretched for long, flat, lonesome distances.

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