Day 14 - 16
July 9 - 14

    362 km to go.


    This is my favorite picture from the whole trip.  I just like the way the colors and light came out.  

    I was resting in the town plaza of Calzadilla de Cuez when I flock of sheep were herded by.  Later this guy came buy dragging a little one with its mother 'baa'ing at them.
    I was never sure whether this type of building was a house or to hang meat.  At least some looked very much like houses.  But these don't look inhabited. 
    Head butt.  
   If God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, who owns all these sheep?
     Run!  I was sitting by the road eating an orange when all these sheep walked by.  The driver of the car didn't seem to appreciate them hogging the road.

Graffiti was a BIG problem in Spain.  Everywhere I went walls and houses, government signs and even trees were covered with it.  Most of it was crudely written political messages.  This picture below is a composite of two I took of some graffiti that actually looked like something.  On the right is a representation of America hoarding money with dogs and police.  Notice that the American flag is flying backwards.  On the left side are the poor people of the world, Chinese and Africans and one other that may be Native Americans.  The words behind them say something about solidarity.  Why does everyone hate us?  I guess because we have to ask.


    Another composite picture of the Cathedral of Leon.  The big cities had massive churches like this one.


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