Days 25 - 26
July 20 - 21

On the 19th I was determined to find a place to sleep, and if I didn't I was going to keep walking until I did or gave up and sleep in a field.  The plan to sleep outside was canceled by bad weather so I just kept walking.  Every albergue I stopped at was full, so I just kept walking.  Then it began to rain.  I felt I should keep going.  I finally stopped in a city and decided I'd rest for the night here, whether on the floor or not.  I went in and asked for a bed.  The hostess tried to explain something to me, but I was totally missing it.  She definitely said there were no beds, and said to go upstairs and look.  So I signed in. I thought I would be sleeping in the hallway on the floor again.  However, there was a mattress, one single mattress, on the landing of the stairs.  I marked as my territory, and took a warm shower.  See, God knew that was probably the only mattress free in all of Galicia.

   This picture was taken exiting that town of Melide.  Just 65 km to go.  The sign on the right is the official sign for the Camino.  The yellow arrow on the road signs were painted by people and were often much more helpful.


   20 km to go.

   It's uphill, but I'm almost running.


     Before reaching the end, the Camino passed through a forest like a tunnel.
   Back on the highway. 


    10 km left.


     Almost a let down when I arrived, I guess I was expecting choirs of angels to greet me.  I called ahead to make reservations at an albergue so I had a bed for rest of my stay in the city.  I showered, dropped off my bags, and walked to the Cathedral of Santiago.

   0 km

   I arrived.  This point marks the end of the Camino.

   I went to the Pilgrims office and got my Compestellum, or certificate of completion.  This is me with that and my Pilgrims Credential with stamps from all the cities I stopped in.  The Cathedral is behind me.

    The tomb containing the relics of St. James.


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