Day 5
June 30

 Some people took a pack mule with them.  I don't really think it was worth it, I made the trip with only 11kg on my back.  I guess they planned to stay in the country, because it would have been difficult to take a mule into the cities.  It looked like most of the weight on the mule was its own food.
Exiting Puenta La Reina, I think.  This medieval bridge spanned the river outside the city.  There was another just like this further on the trail.  I found a shady place and slept there for about 2 hours.  

Built to last.  This is part of the ancient Roman road.  The road and bridge have stood here for at least 19 centuries and remain part of the pilgrimage trail.  Most of the original stones are gone, but the foundation is still beneath the dirt.  Hard to imagine Romans  passing this way.


     In the town of Estella.

        661 km to go!

    In the east, the graveyards were usually just outside the city, and walled in.  This one had a strange message.  The sign above the door said, "I was once as you are, you will be as I am."  Chilling.  You can see there's a number above the door.  I guess that's for the postman.
     One of the more interesting things I saw.  This was on the property of a winery.  This is a fountain with two taps.  On the right was water, on the left was wine.  Too bad my water bottle was full, but I tried a couple of mouthfulls.

     I was reading St. Francios de Sales on the trip, and he said it was okay:  "If a pilgrim stops to refresh his mouth with wine, he doesn't break his journey."  It refreshes him and allows him to carry on faster.  I wonder how many walked away a bit over-refresh.


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