Day 6 - 9
July 1 - 4

    In the small town of Vavarrete.  There was a small plaza near the albergue where I had lunch.  Behind me was a large church were a wedding was being held.  Several from the wedding part came out to this little cafe.
   In a field, for no real reason, was this monument.  It looks pretty old, like it's from medieval times.  There were many similar ones along the trail, but they all looked modern.  This was the oldest one I saw.
All throughout La Rioja Province people would pile rock on top of each other like this.  I was never sure why.  There were many odd things like this along the trail.
   Typical village arcitecture in La Rioja.  Some of the villages just looked desolate, populated mostly by older people.  But most were nicely kept.  The larger ones all had paved streets with houses close together and  facing one another.
    The trail winds on through a vineyard.  At this point, it was still mostly flat walking.


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