Santiago de Compestela

   I did it, I Made It, I'M HERE!!!  AGAIN!!!  After all that walking I felt such a rush of excitment I was almost running into the city.  I had just two and a half days to stay there this time.  It was a great feeling to walk into the Cathedral square and just lay back and rest, knowing I didn't need to take another step.
   I had a small problem getting out of the city.  My flight to London had been canceled.  Luckily I had got there very early.  My flight should have been at 5 in the morning so I went the night before and planned to sleep in the airport.  Since I had a lot of extra time they just put me in a taxi to another airport and I got a flight from there to London and didn't have to change anything else.  However, the change caused me luggage to get lost.  I didn't mind.  It was actually good because I didn't have to carry all that back home with me, it was delivered to my house the next day.
  At the city limits of Santiago de Compestela for the second time.
  600 km later I finally arrived at the final point.  0 km left to go.  This is right in front of the cathedral.
  Me in front of the cathedral with the Compestellum, the certificate for competing the Camino.
  Two huge censers inside the Cathedral of Santiago.  The gold colored one is swung from one end of the cathedral to the other during the pilgrims mass.
  During the pilgrims mass.
  There is a tradition that when one has completed the Camino they will go behind the alter and hug the statue of Santiago, then come here, place their hand here and put their head on the base of this column.  The last picture on this page is the top of the column.
  The best picture I took of the Cathedral, it was early in the morning and relativly empty.
  Through the years Santiago watches the pilgrims come and go from his high vantage point at the entrance to the Cathedral. 

The swinging of the giant censer in the Cathedral of Santiago.

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