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HCHC Senior Trip 2011 – Thessaloniki

Published on June 18, 2011 By Seraphim

Thessaloniki was a good chance for us to settle down a bit. On the other hand, we’re still touring around twice a week. Plus, we’re taking Greek classes. These classes are just shy of awful. I taught language for 10 years and I’ve studied a language, so I know better than anyone just what we’re […]

HCHC Senior Trip 2011 – Paris, France Photos

Published on June 16, 2011 By Seraphim

Paris was an amazing experience, and a bit of a surprise. We had been told we’d be going ‘somewhere’ in Europe before going on to Greece, but we didn’t know where. It turned out to be Paris. After Rome, Paris was my second choice.  It was great because did this first so I wasn’t exhausted […]